Hush By Jonsy

We solve: Woman’s dilemma by offering a wide range of styles and sizes, quality and affordable.

We believe that every woman should own a pair of lingerie, feel comfortable in her skin and celebrate her femininity.

Hush By Jonsy is an online lingerie and underwear store that provides high quality underwear and accessories in a wide array of sizes and styles with exceptional customer service. 

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Hush By Jonsy is a specialty intimate apparel store offering labels, styles and sizes that are currently unavailable in The Gambia, thereby filling a void that exists in the country. Bras and panties might be hidden but those two components are an integral part to the way our outfit looks on your body. A saggy bra and lose fit underwear really shows through your clothes, making women’s appear slouchy and sloppy.

Wearing the perfect fit of undergarments increases women’s confidence because they literally feel lifted. We believe that women are created differently and sometimes it’s difficult to shop for clothing fitting our unique body types.

Coming in various shapes and sizes, Single or married, every woman deserves a nice pair of lingerie. Which doesn’t have to be outrageously seductive, it could be simple as Plain T-shirt , but to make sure it’s of good quality and make women feel special


Our mission is to give the discriminating underwear shopper what she is looking for, whether it be fit, comfort or style, in an atmosphere that is comfortable, exciting and satisfying.  


Our vision is to become the preferred supplier of stylish, quality and affordable women intimate apparel and accessories in The Gambia.
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